Jan 8, 2012

I'm Under Construction

'If you wish to change the world, start with yourself'

Yes, I'm still working on me! I admit that I'm not a good Muslim and I'm not proud of the things that I've done. I've been trough so much in the last year where I realise that I have to start making changes in my life. Alhamdulilah Allah has given me the chance to find my way and showed me the path to happiness.

On the same path during my journey home, I've met lots of great people who continuously give support and guide me to stay on the right path and to keep firm in my struggling to become a better Muslim. Two of these great people are my unimate, Linda and my facebook friend, Atikah. Alhamdulilah Ya Allah, for giving me these special people to be with me throughout the journey and Insya Allah, will always be together until Jannah. Aminn.

So anyway, last weekend we took the chance to go to Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan for kuliah Maghrib, but we arrived a bit late and missed some important part of the kuliah. It was my bad. I'm sorry :( We managed to capture some photos after Isya' prayers. Masha Allah, I always love this place, the peacefullness and the architectural beauty, O I am admiring the view and the beauty of the mosque! <3 <3

Meet Linda & Atikah!


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