Jul 25, 2012

GTforIR with BRIOV

Salam ramadhan kareem everyone!! I'm just so excited for ramadhan that I totally have no mood to update on my recent event. Seriously, it kept me thinking for days. I can only blame myself for not having the guts to request more help from the senior crew. Or maybe I just didn't want this event to be a burden for them so I decided to run it alone, and with the help from Allah, teachers and my juniors, Alhamdulilah the event went well and smooth.

But honestly, I don't exactly know how to react on my overall performance during the event. Part of me was happy because I managed to control everything from A-Z but the other part of me was very disappointed because I'm not even close to reach the objectives! But after all, I firmly believe everything happen for a good reason. I couldn't express how happy and thankful I am to find a much better things that I wouldn't even want to trade with any other things; the experience and ukhuwah with my juniors! It was really great to know and share the experience with them. They are such an amazing juniors, Alhamdulilah.

Thank you for everything dear sisters and brothers. Kakak really appreciate your time, energy and effort in helping me to do this event. I sincerely love you guys and the rest of the students! InsyaAllah, kakak will pray for all of you and I will try to make some time for the tuition project after eidulfitri, InsyaAllah. Study smart, good luck and all the best for SPM!! ;)

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Zamillia said...

uwaaa tgk gmba kt dwan 2 ase indu... Alhamdulillah event ko berjlan lancar ^D^
sungguh kagum ko sorng handle event bsar cmni!
sory sgt aku x dpt bg 100% nk tlong ko n x dpt hadir =.="