Aug 7, 2012

Shanthoh Ramadhan (Bags of Ramadhan)

Alhamdulilah, all praises to Allah for another successful project happened last friday by WSOC. The idea of doing this project was voice out by a friend who is currently studying in Egypt. We were told that Shantoh Ramadhan is quite a tradition in Egypt during Ramadhan where the youth will distribute bags filled with food and drinks for those who stuck in traffic jam and can't make their way home in time for Iftar. The word Shantoh itself means bag or plastic bag to be exact, but for our project we decided to use paper bag instead because it's more environmentally friendly containing the usual Iftar meal of dates, drinks, chocolate wafer and a small Islamic bookmark.

We started to distribute 1000 'Bags of Ramadhan' at 6.45pm in front of Medan Mara Building and finished right before Maghrib Adhan. Masha Allah, over 40 volunteers from WSOC, Alumni SKTS'96, Weekenders Club and the Ampang Line joined us last friday! Such a great crowd for a great event, Subahanallah. Thank you Allah, thank you to all the donors who contributed in the project and to everyone who involve directly or indirectly in making this project a huge success!

And guess what? All the volunteers were forced to wear kain pelikat/kain batik as part of the outfit for the project! Surprisingly everyone were very cool enough to cope with the project leader's idea eventhough it was a very last minute thing. Semua buat muka redha je. Haha but no doubt, that crazy idea just made the project more fun and cute! And beside that, it also help us to recognize our team members because who knows you might get lost walking among the crowd of busy street in Kuala Lumpur, right? So yeah, thanks to the project leader for the idea :)

And we're also welcoming all the new members to the WSOC family with open arms and big hugs ^_^ Hehe. Salam ukhuwahfillah, salam WSOC :) Hope to see you guys again at the next event insyaAllah.

And btw, there will be another Shanthoh Ramadhan project this Sunday organized by Weekenders Club, so if you feel like having the experience of doing something good to the community and see the happiness on the face of others, do take part in the event! You will definitely enjoy to the full, insyaAllah :) But remember, do it for the sake of Allah, Lillahi ta'ala, okay pals? ;) The rewards of giving Iftar to a fasting man is an act of great merit as the Prophet SAW said in one of the hadith;

Zaib ibn Khalik Jehmi has related that our Prophet SAW has said, “He who gives iftar to another fasting person shall earn reward equivalent to a fasting man without detracting from the reward of the latter.” (At-Tirmidhi)

So guys, let's grab the rewards and the pleasure of Allah before Ramadhan ends! May Allah accept from us all the good deeds and grant us with maghfirah, insyaAllah. Aminn ya rabb.

Here are some of the photos taken before, during and after the event that I want to share with you and hopefully you too could feel the fun and happiness from the pictures! Hee ;) Assalamualaikum

Photos credit to Hidayattullah Photography and the rest of the photographers! :D

Click here for more photos:

Hidayatullah Photography

Nurul Syazana

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