Oct 26, 2012

Past Beautiful Memories.

I know I know, its been a while since the last time I update anything on my blog. I've been tremendously busy completing my final semester tasks and preparing for final examination on December, spending my precious time with my dear family and friends, attending WSOC and Weekender Club's event, and still continuously finding ways to be a better Muslim, insyaAllah. Despite of the hectic schedule and the usual stress as a final year student, Alhamdulilah I'm still alive!!! :)

Apakah? Hehe.

But anyway, I miss my blog, I do. I have so much things to share with you guys but it's kinda awkward to write again after long silence. So many times I try to write a post but then tiba-tiba lost idea to write so I delete before publish it. Sengal kan? So right now I aim to finish writing this simple post and regardless of how boring the post may sound, I would click the publish button! Hee. Please bare with me, people. Please ;)

Kursus Keusahawanan Siswazah (Entrepreneurship Course)
September 21-23, 2012

My first ever course! 

I usually decline any formal event during weekends as I believe weekends are the best time to spend with my dear family and friends. But I can't say no to this course because it was compulsory for selected Faculty of Business' students to attend. The 3 days course was organized by the Selangor state government to develop the interest and prepare student with business plan and the skills necessary to operate a successful business. 

The course was Alhamdulilah, a very enlighten one. I feel like open up my own business someday, insyaAllah. It is still my long, ongoing big dreams :)

Hiking : Tabur Hill, Taman Melawati
September 29, 2012
Photo credit to Hidayatullah

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

I made it to the top, MashaAllah! I can't even believe I did it because the 6 hours journey was a very tricky one I would say.  For not-so-adventurous me, I was like crying, praying and wishing that I didn't climb the hill in the first place! I even vowed "no more Tabur after this, no more." and I'll remember to keep my words :P

All praises to Allah for a great-adventurous journey, an amazing view from the top SubhanAllah and superb supporters (the guys) who have been so patience with us. Such a wonderful friends, really. They never stop motivate and help us to complete the journey by answering the above non-stop annoying questions. Hahahaha. 

Weekenders' Visit at Children Ward HKL
October 6, 2012 

A 3-hours heart touching moments where we were given the chance to entertain the kids at Children Ward, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. We sang together, played games for hours, chit-chatting, played guitar with the kids, draw faces (the gifted Aina was in charge for this slot), makan-makan and ended with photo session.

It was truly an amazing experience! Alhamdulilah, just seeing the kids' smile, instantly it brightens up my day :)    

Helping Hands at Ayoi's Brother's Wedding
October 7, 2012

The goodies girls! :) :)

Weekend at Legoland!
October 12-14, 2012


I went like "wow" here and "wow" there. All the lego figures, the details, it just amazing..  

Other random photos :)

Unimates :)

WSOC Family Members :)

Nieces : from left - Sayyidah, Safiyyah, Solehah

Missing : Safirrah

and a smile to brighten up your day!! :)

Oh by the way,

Don't forget to keep our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, Rohingya and all the muslims in your dua'.

May Allah accept from us all the good deeds and grant us with maghfirah and Jannah, insyaAllah. Aminn ya rabb

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