Dec 26, 2012

Goodbye n Goodhye

My 2 and a half years of classes and exams, Alhamdulilah has ended last thursday. Now it's time to get real. To face everything that are not written in the book. InsyaAllah I'm going to enter the real world of corporate finance starting on 2 January 2013 for my 4 months internship. 

Please pray for me. May Allah ease everything InsyaAllah, aminn ya rabb.

This is the last photo taken with my sweetie classmates cum housemates. For the last 2 years, we've been together through the ups and downs, seen the smile and tears and Alhamdulilah we are still together. 

Allah, I truly love them.

Now, let's get busy!!


Anonymous said...

wah!! CikNad abes da..
da tak jadi kanak2 ribena ag.. :)

Anonymous said...

error *CikNa da* :P

Aqilah Rohizad said...

Hye..ttibe terjumpa plak blog ni..huhu