Mar 11, 2010

a cat lover

Alhamdulilah, i reached home safely yesterday. anyway, i will talk about my trip to Spain and Morocco in the next post bcos i am rather excited to post this entry first, pictures of Kintan's friends taken during my trip! yeah, i am soo into cat that i will stop whenever i see one, so please bear with me :)

u know how homesick i am that everynight before sleep i will go through all the pictures in my handphone, from my precious folder to darling's and lastly ofcos, folder of my cats. i'm so used to have cats around that cat-less just made my day incomplete.

fyi, everynight, Kintan (and my other cats before her) will be sleeping in the middle between me and kaklong. so i kinda used to have her around, to hug her, to put her to sleep, and to disturb her whenever she's sleeping. she's like an alive-teddy-bear, u know. very chubby and huggable. and she's one of the things that i've been missing badly whenever i'm away to kd, unisel, penang, let alone overseas.

so after a week away from home, i almost cried when i saw these cats in Morocco. there was lots and lots of them along the Medina in Fes and Marakech and they were bigger than my Kintan and beautiful too. they immediately reminds me of Kintan at home.

take me pleaseeeee......comel gila weh

sangat adorable, kan? and they are not belong to anyone! fuhh how i wish i could bring them home..tapi nanti sorang-sorang kena sepak dengan Kintan pulak. kuat jeles woo dia. hehe


NurulAtiqah said...

nana~ni kucing kt sane keeee?????aaaaa comellll

Anonymous said...

yei che na dh balik yeaaaaaaaaa huu

cg pyo

nsk2077 said...

nana.......comelnya kucing2 pun miss kintan gak

Hidayah Baik said...

aghhh kucinggg
comeynye x)

nurul syazana said...

atiqah: haaaa comel gile kan..sume besar2 kot. maybe sbb ari2 dok makan dgg kmbg la unta la kan..

ckgu: eleh, nk ole2 la tu..hehehe. ckgu, bulan ni kn abis blaja?

kak syu: gile comel! kak syu, pe cer org tikam2 blakng ni? haihh meh la lepak umah baru...heee

Anonymous said...

dh posting ke briot semula 12 mac 2010. ole ole? he he he he ...

cg pyo

Anonymous said...

nana kucin yg mula2 tu nampak mcm gemuk la...... -wan-