Mar 12, 2010

a week in Spain

just as i promised, i'm going to tell u a lil bit about my trip to Spain and Morocco but to make it simple, i will start with Spain first. The entry and the next entry and another entry coming up is going to be fulls with photos. so please don't get bored, ok? :)

we departed from Kl on March 23rd to London followed by four hours waiting before catching another two hours flight to Madrid where we spent about a week in five different hotels which were in Madrid, Seville, Costa del Sol and Granada. It was difficult to find halal food in Spain so we ended up eating maggi, bread, vege soup, potato, varieties of fish or omelette instead. fuhh bayangkan takda nasi seminggu T_T

if we look back into the Islamic history, we will find that in the year 733 Muslims territory has reached as far as France during the era of Tariq ibn Zyad which marked the start of Islamic rule until the fall of Granada in 1492 (the year that Christopher Columbus arrived in America) but the Arabic culture and arts still remains in most of the monument and castle until today. though many of the mosque was changed into church, they still keep much of the arabic art and design inside the church.

some of the places (bolded) i've been in Andalucia:

Trujillo - is a Spanish city in the Extrememadura region.

time ni macam sumpah angin kuat gila sampai muka i pun macam nk terbang..haih


sandwich omelette with tuna

along the Caceres City

model jalanan. muahaha
Sevilla - the city is more than 2000 years old which received heavy influences from Arabic culture.

this used to be Star Wars II filming location

Gran Hotel Lar, Seville

dinner: salad tuna, ikan goreng, porridge butter

dinner - omelette kentang, ikan goreng, kentang rebus, bubur roti

i like this guy very much. he treated us well, very friendly, and cute!
hee but i forgot to ask his name T_T

Ronda - one of the loveliest and most historical town in Andalucia

cantik sangat! subhanallah

3rd hotel in Costa del Sol

wooohh gila jakun time jumpa nasi dengan ayam!
nasib baik ada satu kedai Morocan halal kat sini :)

4th hotel in Granada

dinner - salad, fish and vege, sorbet

AlHambra (the Red Castle in arabic)
one of the places that i highly recommended for u to go. it's a big castle located on top of the hill with a view over the whole city.

lunch - vege soup, fish and chips, sorbet

Toledo - declared as World Heritage place

it was really cold that i have to wear my mak's big jacket

5th hotel in Madrid

dramatic kan my mak. hehe

i'm sorry if u're a bit confuse about my explaination of the places i went bcos honestly i don't really know how to describe it since i don't really pay attention to much of the history but don't get me wrong, i do amazed and proud with the Islamic influences that still remains in those places until today :) it is indeed, a really beautiful country. Madrid is my favourite of all!

for me a week journey in Spain was quite challenging, maybe bcos of the different language, lifestyle,food and etc. ofcos it takes time to learn to adapt to all the new environment but the experience is really worth it.

will continue on another week of journey in Morocco in the next entry. it will be an interesting entry bcos i find Morocco was so close to my heart! except the scary ferry ride part that i'm gonna tell u later..

till then, take care, wassalam


psychopath said...

wah. bestnye pg overseas.

sedeyhnye saya xde ole-ole.

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah, seronok nya dapat jadi anak dot dot dot, pencen je boley pegi mlancong,,,,,eiiii seronoknyaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,

saya akan pergi melancong juga skit lagi, tapi pusing briot je, sebab ngejor bebudak nakal la ,,,,,

cg pyo

nurul syazana said...

akmal: gambar nk? ehe

ckgu: Alhmdulilah. hehe. ckgu ajar apa kt situ? kn dah tuka vokasional? ke ckgu naik pgkat jadi pen.knn ni? ehem ehem

-p- said...

hmm nice place.. glad u enjoyed it..

Anonymous said...

tk de maknanya,,,,,,, cg cabuk aka pyo mcm sy x layak nk jadi pen knn pun....

sy x thu lgi kena ajar ape, lantak lah pngetua nak kasi ngajar apa pun.. yg penting "pyo" maitain!!!

cg pyo

zedd said...

what an amazing holiday! u went there for a holiday ke? sori lupe nk tanye ko td.huhu..

act, aku pun teringin gak nk gi madrid, after my dad went there for a conference few years back..

anyway, ak akan tunggu smpai ko post next entry psal ko kat sane :)

qamaruluramaq.blogspot said...

tempat memancing kat sane best tak?? ha3

Hidayah Baik said...

bestnya :D

Zamillia said...

wah beshnye!!!!!! ble la aku leh g plak O_o

syaz15 said...

nana nak ole2