Mar 27, 2010

Morocco - Pizza Hut and the Beach

this one for u, Mr. U-Know-Who-U-Are (si pencinta pizza hut)

on our way to Tangier, i was thrilled when i saw this on the billboard! so after we arrived at the hotel, the tour guide gave us the direction to the nearest Pizza Hut which took about 10 minutes of walking.

classic, no? nampak sangat comel.

usually, for a set of pizza, kita dapat mushrom soup, garlic bread dan pepsi kan?
tapi kat sini dapat wedges sahaja

we ordered for chicken wings. does it look like one to u?

chicken lasagna.

A'tun Marina Pizza

fuuh. lepas gembira makan piza hut terus sambung jalanjalan tepi pantai

syaddah bought me a rose. another one tu untuk mak :)

heeeeeee gila senyum smp telinga kan

Tangier was our last destination in Morocco where we spent a night at Ramada Hotel before back to CostaDeSol on the next day. bye bye Tangier! muahhxx

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