Mar 27, 2010

Spain - The Show

when we were in Granada, we had the chance to watch a dance which considered as part of the culture of Spain called The Flamenco.

little bit info about the Flamenco : it includes dancing, singing, clapping hands and stomping of the feet. Flamenco can be seen danced at Gypsy weddings and celebrations in Spain.

the male singer

the female singer

if u're into tap dance, the flamenco will be a must see show. but for me, i was rather amazed with the singers' voice. though the dance required them to sing alone for about 15 minutes, they handled all the high notes and piches really well. fuuuh keluar ank tekak kalau bagi i nyanyi. haha

tapi foot stomping tu bising sangat. itu saya tak suka. haha :P