Mar 27, 2010

Morocco - Restaurant, Hotel and the Food

i'm so sorry for the long lonngggg delay on the Morocco post. Too many pictures to be uploaded and i've been really busy this past few weeks, so it took me some time to actually sit in front of the PC and focusing only on the Morocco posts that has been in draft for quite a while.

so on this post, i will proceed with the restaurants, hotels and the foods that we had enjoyed during the whole one week in Morocco.

when we first arrived in Morocco, it was almost noon. So the tour guided leaded us to a restaurant called Al-Khozama in Tangier for lunch. Since we could not understand the Arabic menu, the tour guide recommended for us to try their typical rice, fish and steak.

ini nasi goreng kunyit sotong

after lunch, we went straight to the hotel which located in Fes where we stayed for 2 nights in a hotel called Zalagh Parc Palace. The hotel is beautiful and the food is good. though it located far away from the city, Marjane Super Market (quite similar to Tsco, Giant, etc) is just across the street from the hotel! at least we could jalan-jalan there in the evening. huhu. Unfortunately i don't have the hotel pictures with me. sorry..

menangis i nampak roti canai tau? :)

On 2nd day in Fez, after a visit to Medina of Fez, we decided to go to Marjane Market to buy some biscuits and snacks. While we were in the market, we decided to have lunch at the Oasis Cafe where they served western food. We tried one of their specialties, Marina Oasis Pizza. It tastes weird but i just loved it!

Next, on our way to Marrakech on the 3rd day, we stopped by at Restaurant de Paris where we had a buffet lunch cost 100 dirham per person (rm40+). The food was goood and i always love their chicken tagine. The whole time i was in Morocco, when it comes to makan makan, i always looked for that menu first. Sedap kot!

later we continued our journey before checked in at the Atlas Medina & Spa Hotel, Marrakech for another 2 nights. Hotel ini saaaaangat cantik! tapi gambar saya dah terdelete, macam mana? hmm

paling penting, makanan dekat hotel, SEDAP!

my Chicken Tagine. owww it made me salivate. lol

then on the 5th day, we stayed at Rabat for a night in Rabat Hotel. The hotel is quite small yet comfortable. The food was goooood terutamanya dessert!!! (Memang tak tipu, mana-mana pun makanan dia sdap tau)

tipu kalau u tak tergoda :P

Finally, our last destination in Morocco was Tangier where we checked in for a night at Ramada Hotel before departed back to Spain on the next day. The hotel was located right infront of the beach and I loved the view from my room. Rasa lapang dada tengok laut yang luas. Subhanallah. I already made a separate entry ketika bercanda di pasiran pantai, more pics click here

last but not least, their traditional kuih.

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