Feb 1, 2012

UAI lagi.

Alhamdulilah, almost 30K attended UAI's lecture last sunday at Masjid Shah Alam! For those who haven't got the chance to watch UAI live, you can always find him on youtube. I know and I'm aware there's a lot of controversy regarding UAI's lecture recently. Even the words that he used to describe someone or something bad which is unacceptable is quite an issue on the internet now but let's look at it in a positive way. For me, UAI is one the coolest Ustaz I've known. Not just bacause of his sense of humour but the way he approach young people by delivering the message of Islam in a very right and simple way to attract people like me to think and improving myself to be a better Muslim, Insya Allah. Honestly, I don't go for a laughing session, it's the knowledge that I seek. So let's just take all the good knowledge and leave the rest.

I guess the issue arise is supposedly focusing on how we act upon the knowledge after the lecture. It doesn't matter which Ustaz or lecture you go to, do not rely on just one source, you need to find from other sources too. Whatever you heard during the lecture, let's reflect, review and refer back to the Al-Quran and other Ustaz/Ustazah for a deeper and better understanding. No one forcing you to follow or believe every single words that come out from UAI's mouth. Your main intention going for a lecture is to seek knowledge, right? So take note all the knowledge that you can use, revise and start to implement it in your daily lives. That's what ilm' and 'amal is about, aiming for positive changes through knowledge.

We are the ummah of Muhammad and we do not fight just because I like this Ustaz, you like that Ustaz. NO! We seek knowledge because we want to know more about our Creator, we do it because of Allah and for this reason, we shall come together and start to act in a right way, don't you agree?

Yes, I believe each of us have our own opinion. Sometime we like sometime we dislike. It's normal. But don't spread the hatred among the ummah. If that person is wrong, try to correct him/her in a good way, ok?

By the way, this is just my opinion about this matter, ok? ^_^ So stay cool and keep smile. And last but not least, don't stop seeking knowlegde for the sake of Allah. May Allah show us the right path and increase us in knowledge, Insya Allah. Aminn. Good night and enjoy the photos taken after UAI's lecture last sunday :) Assalamualaikum.

'The choice is yours'

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