Mar 31, 2012

Fighting for Freedom

MashaAllah, it was a great event last night at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam for Global March to Jerusalem. The event was held to support delegations from all over the world who march towards Palestine with the aim to penetrate Israel's border as well as demand freedom for Palestine and its capital, Jerusalem. You can heard the words of Allahuakbar filled the stadium when almost 10,000 (as reported by Berita Harian) attended last night event, Subhanallah! This is not an issue of faith or community, but it is an issue of crime againts humanity. Can you imagine being tortured or beaten by strangers in your own land? Or do you really have the heart to see the kids forced to grow up without parents? That is what Palestinian people are suffering from. As a Malaysian, we should be grateful and stop complaining of our 'miserable' life. Look at other people in other country who have to face violence and brutality everyday, who don't even have enough food to eat, who is still waiting for their father to come back. So let's just be thankful for whatever we have and start to make dua' for them.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free

My village, in which I didn’t live a single day
Has been living inside me everyday
Since I was born, I grow and my nostalgia
Grows more and more till it tears me up
It wasn’t me who chose to live far away
And neither my grandparents did
They were beaten, cleansed and dispossessed
Into tents of exile their souls were left
Gone with their olive groves and citrus fields
Leaving a wound to never be healed
Since my grandparents fled away
They thought they would return the next day
They died, but no need to sigh
As, their heritage, their songs and memories persist
They say that elderly people die
And after that the young will forget
But no way
Until return, Palestinians will resist
Our tears of hope will never dry
And when we return to our homelands
From ashes, trees will rise high
And white doves will over fly
And we’ll caress with our bare hands
Every precious berry of sand
This dream might not happen soon
But it absolutely will one day

a poem by Shahd Abusalama , daughter of a former Palestinian prisoner.

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