May 10, 2012

From Bukit Tinggi, with love.

The trip was Subhanallah incredibly awesome!! I cherish the whole 6 days I spent with Linda's family. It's like a dream come true as I always wanted to feel 'kampung' lifestyle since I was small. Alhamdulilah, I thank Allah and my family for giving me the chance to travel with my girlfriend. Being far away from family and home, I kinda doubt that I can survive but Alhamdulilah, Linda's family was very very nice and friendly making me feel like I'm part of them. The language was one of the limitation for me but it never stop me from enjoying the whole time there, Alhamdulilah. Honestly, I instantly fell in love with Bukit Tinggi!

Saying goodbye was the hardest part, but I hope the ukhuwah will never end. I'll be there again someday, insyaAllah. It was indeed the most beautiful place I've ever touched down, so far. May Allah bless the family with love and happiness in the world and hereafter, insyaAllah., Aminn ya robb. See u again, Bukit Tinggi ♥

Will update more on the trip soon, insyaAllah.
Now off to hometown. Dadidu.

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