Oct 25, 2010


when she is quite,
milions of things are running in her mind.
when she is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply.
when she stares at u,
she is wondering why she loves u so much inspite of being taken for granted.
when she calls u everyday,
she wants to know how you are doing.
when she sms u everyday,
she wants u to reply at least once.
when she says i love u,
she means it.
when she says i miss u,
no one in this world can miss u more than her.
when she says i will stand by u,
she will stand by u like a rock.


She is always special. She is said to be the 8th wonder. She is always a priceless treasure.

*msg credit to fatin sazreen :)


qamarul said...

kalau aku nak copy paste.. pastu mak tu tukar name gf leh ker? haha

nurul syazana said...

ko ada gf dah?