Dec 28, 2011

Ilm' and 'aml

Overall, the 2 days conference in Putrajaya last weekend was indeed a very good experience. It was the coolest event I've attended so far! I am really looking forward to hear lecture by Bilal Philips, Sheikh Hussien Yee and Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim as I've watched them on youtube before. Their lectures are full of passion and enthusiasm. I believe the audience feel the same, we were all inspired by their words! The 45 minutes given to each speaker was never enough. I want more! The lectures are all about ilm' and 'aml (knowledge and action). They inspire people to make positive changes in becoming a true Muslim. I already missed the event and the people, all the nice people who is willing to travel all the way to seek knowledge, the people who struggling to improve themselves to be a better Muslim everyday! Oh I am so in love with the conference!!

Plus all the line-up entertainer are awesome! By the end of the event, I officially proclaim myself as a huge fan of Boona Mohammed, Muadz Dzulkefli, Muslim Belal and Shinji Morawaki!! Their voice, their songs and poem are super cool, very inspiring and gempak gila beb!!! Find them on youtube now! ^_^

One of my favourite poem by Muslim Belal

Erk, unfortunately I left all my notes with my friends. Haha my bad :( InsyaAllah whatever knowledge I got from the conference I will share it in the next post once I get my notes, ok? :D

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