Dec 19, 2011

Online Lecture - Activism in the life of Young Muslim

Alhamdulilah last night I get to attend my first Online Lecture organized by MasterPIES. Thanks to Hazrool for inviting me :D I find the Webminar is really an interesting and cool event! May Allah bless and rewards those who involve in organizing this event, InsyaAllah. Aminn. The lecture started at 12am to 1am (local time) yeah, it was late, but I don't mind because I'm really looking forward for this kind of event. So whoever reading this, do let me know if there's other cool Islamic events, ok? :D

Alright, let me share some of the knowledge I get from the last night event. The lecture was on the Activism in the life of a Young Muslim by Dr. Nadeem Siddiqi. I listened to the lecture and reflected upon myself on every point he mentioned, Why me? Why do I have to actively participate in society? Who cares? Isn't doing the 5 duties enough? How should I improve as well as helping the society?

Dr. Nadeem started the lecture by referring to Surah Al-'Asr.

In the 3rd verse of Surah Al-'Asr clearly stated that the criterion of man’s success is neither money or wealth, nor status, position, or power. Rather its first condition is ‘Faith’, the second is ‘righteous deeds’, the third is ‘exhortation to truth’, and the fourth is ‘exhor­tation to patience’. These are four criteria that make a man success and easily can achieve the goals. So yes, by believing, by having only Iman is never enough, for we have to followed by action and do good deeds to other people because if there's no action, there's nothing to be judged on. In other words, there's no point of believing if we don't implement or act on it in our daily life, right? As a Muslim, our ultimate goal is not just to be a good Muslim but also to attain the highest level of Jannah, and in order to achieve this goal, we need to act, we need to move.

Why me? As a young Muslim, we are very eager to try, we are able to do anything, we have the strength, the spirit, this is the phase where we learn new things and get to share our experience with others. That is why we have to actively participate in any events that can benefits us now and in the future.

So these are 8 characteristics highlighted by Dr. Nadeem in order to be a good volunteer.

1. Maturity - the ability to understand how things work, to be aware of our surroundings, where, why, when to push the button.

2. Wisdom - The ability to know what to say, when to say it and how to connect things to see it in a bigger picture.

3. Perseverance - the commitment to stand firm because syaitan will never let you do good things, so we have to try to act once, try different ways so that we'll be able to handle any difficulties calmly.

4. Understanding goals - understand what and how to reach our goals.

5. Priority - knowing which options should be prioritized among the various options available.

6. Trust - Earn trust from other people is not an easy task but by showing a good example, be prepared to deal with any circumstances and to have the knowledge to tackle issues that arise will definitely help us to maintain a good reputation that will make others to have faith in us.

7. Knowledge - it will be useless without wisdom, without action. An example given by Dr. Nadeem; the CD-ROM can be full of Al-Quran, Hadith, but if the person do not try to learne or read it, so what's the point of having that CD-ROM?

8. Leadership - to be able to lead and influence other people in the best manners towards achieving our ultimate goals.

So putting all these qualities together, InsyaAllah we can develop ourselves to be a better person as well as helping our community :D

But where to start? By being a good Muslim is a good starting point, do things according to AlQuran and Sunnah, guide people indirectly and from there try to organize any event, distribute flyers, etc that might be beneficial for others, InsyaAllah.

Many people think to do all nice things, they dreams big, but only some will act on the dream in the correct manner, and along the way, only few will hit the target and gain their rewards. So where are we stand now? Are we gonna stay as dreamers and back off when there's difficulties? NO! Because our job is to stay active, put effort as much as possible and leave the rest to Allah Taala for those who stay firm throughout the journey are those who will be a winner, InsyaAllah.

So people, let's move, let's make a change, let's improve ourselves to be a better person and benefits others at the same time, InsyaAllah. May Allah guide and make this journey easy for us, Aminn.

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