Dec 16, 2011

Things I do when I'm alone :)

Assalamualaikum dearies,

Each of us has their own things to do when they are alone, regardless of their feelings at that time. Happy or sad, our mood swings up and down just like a roller coaster. But your action during the roller coaster journey will make you the person you are today, right?

So now I feel like sharing and listing down things that I do when I'm alone, things that I do to help me to go through my happy and hard time. These are 12 things that keep me happy and made me who I am today ;

1. Sleeping in new bed sheet :) The feeling when you laid down, put blanket over all of it, squezzed your bantal busuk, took a deep breath and then just dove right into the soft, cold, fresh-smelling sheets :D :D You do know the feeling, right?

2. Spend time after Solat to make du'a :) Don't rush. Your dunya is not going anywhere. Tell Him all your happiness and sadness because He always make time for you, He listens to every words, He counts every tears, He knows everything in your heart! Masha Allah :D This is the time where you will find peace and be close to Him.

3. Reciting Al-Quran after Solat everyday :) I am still trying my very best to keep reciting 20 pages of Al-Quran everyday :D :D It's the feeling that you can't never describe! I thank Ustazah Siti for always correct me when I'm wrong in my reading and tajweed.

4. Listening to Opick's song and talk by Yasmin Mogahed :) You should try. Opick's song always reminds me of the Almighty, the Prophet SAW and the beauty of Islam. As for Yasmin, I super love her inspiring words!! May Allah bless all these great people, Aminn :D

5. Kintan! :) She's my comot-fat-huggable-alive-teddy bear! And other cats too! :D

6. Driving alone :) and get lost. Haha NO, getting lost doesn't make me happy, but I'm actually have to learn to remember the road, so yeah, by looking at the positive side, it does make me happy when I finally find my own way to reach my destination. Yay to me! :D

7. Eat delicious food :) du-uh, who doesn't love delicious food? :P ON DIET? erk lupakan lahhhh :P

8. Gain new knowledge, new experience and get to share it with others :) Alhamdulilah, I always embrace the moments when I get to know and share new things that might be beneficial for me and others, now and in the future.

9. Giant is my playground ! :) :) :) I don't go there for shopping but it's more like visiting each department just for fun. I just love Giant. Weird, no? :D

10. Al-Nasuha :) I enjoy visiting my adik-adik at Al-Nasuha once every two weeks. Knowing other people pain will keep you close to the Creator because only then you will realize that each of us are tested in a very different way, but the treatment is still the same; Remember Allah and He will remember you. Be thankful for what you have and what you have not, for Allah doesn't gives you what you want but He gives you what you need, InsyaAllah :D

11. Reading any motivational books, Islamic article, blog or anything that may clear my mind off from any dunya matters :) I always find peace when I read but when it comes to reading Finance and Banking text book, I can still find the peace but........zzzzzz. Hahaha :P

12. Blogging, Facebook-ing, attend events :) Share my thoughts and feelings, keep in touch with my old and current friends and find, update and try to make time to attend any event that will help to improve myself to be a better person, insyaAllah :D

So peeps, what are the things that you do when you are alone? List it down and you can be more than happy if you learn to enjoy your own time. Remember this, when you are happy or sad but there is no place or no one to go, this is the perfect time for you and Allah. No one can help you to find Him, only you can reach Him with your heart :D Be thankful for your happiness as well as your sadness so that at the end of your roller coaster journey, you will be relief and feel better than you have ever felt before, insyaAllah :D

Be happy and stay cool yaww :) :) Assalamualaikum

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