Feb 14, 2012

1st BRIOT Reunion Batch 05/06

credit to Fasehah :)

It was on 14 February 2005, we entered the Buloh River Institute of Technic, Selangor (BRIOT) to further our upper secondary studies. We were strangers to each other, came from different background, learning different courses but we stayed together for two years with the same mission; to be the best student among the best. Alhamdulilah, after six years we left the school with all the sweet sour memories, we still remain together until now. Though each of us are busy with family, study and career, we still try to make some time to gather and catch up stories with each other. We still keep in touch through facebook, chat or sms. We see each other once in awhile. We go shopping, having lunch together, watching football live at mamak, playing futsal and more.

Today, 14 February 2012, marks the 8th anniversary since the first day we met. So two months before the date, my dear ex-schoolmates who also my uni mate, Wawa came up with the idea to gather the whole batch for the first time. We met several times after class, discussed it over lunch and dinner together with the other crews and after much of planning, here we are, The 1st Briot Reunion for Batch 05/06 which happened last Saturday, 11 February 2012. We were expecting only 50 guests can make it to the event but surprisingly almost 80 guests came! Alhamdulilah though it's really tiring to organize the event, but it's all worth it ^_^ We totally had fun! It was great to finally see them again.

To my dear friends aka my ex-schoolmates, it was really a pleasure to meet you guys again!! May this relationship lasts forever, InsyaAllah.

credit to Ejal :)

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