Feb 9, 2012

Rombongan Cik Kiah

So what exactly was keeping me busy last weekend? No, I wasn't busy helping the cousin's wedding preparation thingy. Instead I was busy getting my belly filled with some delicious food and jalan-jalan with the family! ^_^ Hee, no wonder la I'm getting 'bigger' nowadays :P

So anyway, my cousins planned to bring their kids to Petrosains to play and to learn about Science, of course. It was Sunday, the mommies make sure everyone was up after Subuh, no more sleepy face, had breakfast and started the journey to Kuala Lumpur which took us almost 50 minutes from our guest house in Kajang. Alhamdulilah, weather was perfect, the road was not really busy in the morning making the driving more relaxing for everyone. We reached KLCC at 9am sharp and guest what, we were the second group to arrive in Petrosains!!! *tepuk tangan*

Right after purchasing the entrance tickets, we're all set to go into the world of science. Its like a playground that teaches science for the kids where they can keep themselves occupied with the exhibits, science show and play with all the interesting games. The kids seems inspired by most of the stuffs there. It was really fun. We spent almost 2 hours in this big playground. This is my second visit if I'm not mistaken. I was here for my school trip when I'm 11 (kot) Erk it's been more than a decade! Oh my, now I feel so old. I'm thinking of bringing my own kids for my next visit to Petrosains, which I guess in another decade maybe? Insya Allah :) :)

with anak-anak sedara :) :)
Dini, Dina, Lily

Yeah, the privilege when you come early is you get to conquer the whole place and snap photos like nobody's business! Hahaha

the ladies :)

My dear Makteh & Pakteh

Next destination, we went to my other cousin's house in Putrajaya because his wife just had a baby girl named Dini Nur Aisya (meaning : Faith, Light, the name of Prophet's wife) This will be my favorite part of all! She was sleeping peacefully when we arrived. I wanted to hold her but I'm scared, she just 2 days old, still too fragile, too small.

Masha Allah, she's beautiful!

Can I have one? No, I want more!
Four maybe :)

Okey I'd better stop dreaming.

The cousins : Dina & Dini
Isn't they adorable? :) :)

Okey, I changed my mind. I think I want MORE than four!

Heeee :)

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