Feb 8, 2012

Damai Mewah Guest House, Kajang

Weeks before, I was assigned to find homestay for my relatives who came from Penang and Johor Bahru for my cousin's wedding in Kajang. At first I thought it was just a simple task because you can always find information on the internet, kan? That's the whole point of using google/yahoo search, isn't it? Just click search, choose, call and tadaaaa you will get the house. So I just google-ed and yes, I did find few interesting places but my aunties and cousins have their own preferences in choosing the places; near to the bride's house, no double-storey, price rate RM150-180 per night, apartment with lift would be nice, etc, etc. So after reject here and there, we finally left with two options. I've promised them that I will contact the owner myself but being the forgetful me *coughing* I totally forgot my promise to do so until 3 days before they come to KL! Oppsie :(

I called the two places but unfortunately both already occupied. Aha, now I guess it wasn't really an easy task to do! So I start from beginning, I google-ed again and again and again. After clicking next pages and getting the same places that I already viewed before, I finally found a place which met all the minimum preferences! After Maghrib, I right away called the number stated in the website and yes, the unit is available. Alhamdulilah, Allah has helped me. Yahoooooo!!! ^_^

I went to see the unit on Saturday and it is beautiful, clean and a perfect guest house that I've been looking for. And yes, my aunties, uncles and cousins were satisfied with the house too. Nasib baik! Hehe.

The apartment located in Taman Damai Mewah, 1st floor with accessible swimming pool, a parking lot, 5 minutes away from the bride's house, RM130 per night, 3 rooms 2 bathrooms, extra bed, pillow, towel, television, prayer mat, telekung, fridge, rice cooker, iron, speedmart supermarket and mamak restaurant nearby. Simply put, everything you need is there! Plus the owner is very kind, a mother of four kids and fifth on the way, Insya Allah. We talked on the phone but I found her to be just as pleasant when I met her in person. Truly, everything about this guest house is perfect. Enough said.

These are all the photos I can find from google images. I've told you I've been really busy that I can't even remember to snap photos at the guest house for your viewing. I am truly sorry.

So anyway, if you need a guest house in Kajang for your short trip, just call this number 012-4751997 (Kak Aza) I believe this is the guest house that you've been looking for too! :) :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi syazana,
Just read your post. Such a very nice comments from you. thanks. please come again should you need an accomodation in future.